N-E-W Trio Returns for Concerts and Masterclasses

The N-E-W Trio, 2008 Fischoff Competition Grand Prize Winner and Gold Medalist, Senior String Division, returned to the area April 8 -12, to present concerts and masterclasses at the University of Notre Dame and Culver Academies. 

This dynamic ensemble was kept busy with the following schedule:

Monday, April 9

Tuesday, April 10

Wednesday, April 11

This event is made possible, in part, by the Boehnen Fund for Excellence in the Arts through The Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, College of Arts and Letters, University of Notre Dame.

Our thanks to the staff and students at Good Shepherd Montessori School for sharing their reactions to the trio's presentation:

I think the concert was really, really awesome. I liked the piano the most.

I noticed the violinist and cellist were very twitchy when they played. Their music was very pretty.

It was really good. I really liked the performance. They are amazing musicians.

I enjoyed the violinist's interesting arm movements. I really liked the first piece they played. I liked the concert a lot.

I really liked how the trio included the cello, violin, and piano. Those are the instruments we have lessons for here at our school. I liked how after each piece they talked about it. I really enjoyed it. I'm glad I went.

It was really cool. Being a fellow cellist, watching a master at work was very intriguing.

The fastest song was really awesome. All the songs were really cool. I play the piano too and I liked the piano part a lot.

It was pretty fun listening to the music. Some of the music was very sudden, with a big booming sound.

I liked how the pianist could go very fast. I also play the piano and I thought that the last song was really cool because all the musicians were going very fast.

I thought it was great. My favorite part was the song that went really fast. I've never seen a concert like that up close. The musicians were really good.

They were very coordinated and very talented.